Doom GLES for Android

  • About 0 Downloads
  • Version: 1.09.12
  • Size: 24 MB
  • Required: Android 2.1 and up
  • Release time: 2012-07-20
  • Dev. Page: Kokak

  • Fight demons in DoomGLES, the best looking Doom port on mobile devices.
    DoomGLES is the classic Doom ported to OpenGLES.
    You are a space marine who fights hordes of Demons on Mars bases, Earth and Hell !
    It supports:
    – High resolutions (on tablets or highend phones)
    – Realtime dynamic lighting
    – Particles effects
    – 3D Monsters and objects (MD2)
    – Blood projections
    – Realistic water effect
    – Xperia Play gamepad buttons (touchpads not supported yet, probably later)
    – Keyboard support (USB, bluetooth, embedded)
    – Gamepads support (analog sticks support on Android >= 3.1)
    – Buttons mapping (Xperia Play / USB GamePads / Keyboard)
    – and much more

    Then select, from the launch menu, Doom or Doom2 as IWAD. The OpenGLES datas will be downloaded.

    Here the size of the downloaded datas:
    Ultimate Doom datas: ~100MB
    Doom 2 datas: ~185MB
    Plutonia datas: ~80MB
    TNT datas: ~70MB
    So please be patient while it downloads the datas…